Traditional Key vs InVue IR3 Key

13 Jan 2021

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The IR3 Key is part of the InVue’s IR Ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that provides retailers the security, merchandising, and analytics necessary to increase sales, decrease theft, and improve operational efficiencies and customer service.


IR3 Key assigns a unique code per store, includes a 12-hour time-out feature for greater protection, and has the ability to create zones and audit employee use. With InVue’s infrared technology, IR3 key is enabled to transfer power and data to a wide range of security products giving high theft protection.


Through InVue’s software analytics, IR3 Key also allows retailers and brands to monitor, understand, and manage associate interactions, assigning and managing which departments in the store your associates can access, and monitoring their use to decrease internal theft. It also enables insightful analytics, understanding customer interaction with devices to help drive better decision making.


Under the new normal, it empowers staffs to better serve customers with a single key access across the whole store, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise, and eliminates key sharing between store associates, making workplace safer.