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22 Apr 2015

Tips on Using LED Billboard for Advertising Your Event

29 Dec 2015

Digital boards can be used for several purposes. In fact, when it comes to advertising in the Philippines, LED billboard has a lot of uses. You probab...

Why You Need a Digital Signage in Your Business

27 Dec 2015

Entrepreneurs are always finding ways to boost their business. Good thing several innovations are proving to be helpful in promoting a brand. For inst...

Static vs LED Billboard in Advertising

21 Dec 2015

With the arrival of the digital age, traditional advertising mediums are sometimes innovated in the hopes of producing better results. For instance, i...

Digital Advertising Trends You Should Know

08 Dec 2015

Every day, advertisers are finding new means to communicate with their target market. New channels are created to reach the right audience accurately....

Things You Should Know About LED Billboards

27 Nov 2015

LED billboards are gaining popularity. One by one, we see digital boards being erected alongside highways in major cities in the country. At last, adv...

How to Take Advantage of LED Advertising

26 Nov 2015

An ad campaign’s success does not completely rely on the medium used to convey the message. For instance, LED digital advertising is booming in the Ph...

The Path to LED Billboards: History of Outdoor Advertising

25 Nov 2015

Advertising is the act of calling the public’s attention to one’s product or service. We use different mediums of advertising to encourage people to a...

Which is better: LED or LCD Screen Displays?

20 Nov 2015

Monitors, tablets, and televisions all use display technology. This allows us to see images and text when watching TV, playing a game on our tablets, ...

Are Billboards Advertisements Still Effective?

16 Nov 2015

A billboard is an outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising. It is used to reach a wide audience while they are outside of their homes without access t...

4 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Works

11 Nov 2015

Technology is helping us find new ways of doing things. Examples of helpful technological advancements would be that it allows us to hail a cab, look ...