Inewvation International at Hotel Supplier Show 2016

22 Sep 2016


18 Aug 2016


11 Aug 2016


14 Jul 2016

Philconstruct Visayas Expo 2016

02 Jun 2016

Inewvation at Interior Design Manila Expo 2016

11 Mar 2016

The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Advertising

22 Feb 2016

There are several mediums of advertising, one of which is digital. Despite the popularity of traditional means of advertising, digital marketing manag...

Why Out of Home Advertising is Important

17 Feb 2016

The world-wide web is a strange, vast place where one can do almost anything. Through the internet, you can make a purchase, play games, and meet new ...

The Many Uses of LED Displays

09 Feb 2016

An LED display in the Philippines is often used for television viewing purposes most of the time. Despite this, there are actually many uses for this ...

Difference of Edge-Lit and Backlit Light Boxes

08 Feb 2016

Advertising has been around for a long time. Back in the day, companies used posters to promote an event, a product, or a service. Fast forward to 201...

LED Video Wall vs. Projector

29 Jan 2016

Plenty of devices use light emitting diode technology to serve their objectives. Among them is LED billboard, commonly used for advertising in the Phi...

Tips from Your LED Supplier: Comparing LED Light box to Fluorescent Light box

26 Jan 2016

In advertising, it’s not enough to produce ads. If you want a successful campaign, your ads have to be noticed by the public. Posters, for instance, h...

The Difference Between 4K and UHD

21 Jan 2016

 Once in a while, a promising technology that proves to be beneficial in so many ways emerges in the market. This technology will be used in different...

Know Your LED Display: The Difference Between Capacitive and Resistive Display

19 Jan 2016

A few years ago, LED display was a new comer in the Filipino market. After several years, it finally gained traction and wedged itself in the lives of...

Myths About LED Signage

13 Jan 2016

There are always new trends in advertising, and to be able to compete, you have to learn how to adapt to those changes. One thing that’s becoming pro...

LED Billboard 101: Advantages of SMD LED Display

11 Jan 2016

Several brands use LED billboard for advertising purposes in the Philippines. But digital displays are used for other things as well like relaying imp...