Creating A Sound Environment: Inewvation International Launches Ecophon

27 Jan 2021

Following the launches of Arktura and Muratto, Inewvation International is proudly introducing the third brand joining its Sustainable Building Soluti...

From Nature to Your Place: Inewvation International Introduces Muratto

25 Jan 2021

Under its new product line— Sustainable Building Solutions, Inewvation International officially brings Muratto in the Philippines. Established in Port...

Design Meets Technology: Inewvation International Brings Arktura in the Philippines

20 Jan 2021

Opening the year, Inewvation International proudly introduces Arktura— a global leader in acoustic design solutions offering an expansive library of s...

Product Feature:INNcontrol™ 5

24 Feb 2021

INNcontrol™ 5 is INNCOM-Honeywell’s new cloud based energy management software. It is used for real-time control of energy usage in rooms, and to gath...

Media Snippet: How Gunnebo Closed Cash Management Removes Touchpoints with Cash

22 Feb 2021

Aside from keeping stores clean by placing hand sanitizers in prominent locations, regularly sanitation of the frequently touched surfaces, and proper...

Spec Check: Double-sided Frameless Lightbox

10 Feb 2021

Inewvation Double-sided Frameless Lightbox allows any retail store or advertising spaces to showcase 2 contents at a time. It can be a large format di...

Spec Check: Chubbsafes Naomi

18 Jan 2021

Naomi is a premium safe that provides a combined protection for both burglary or theft, and fire.  Designed to protect an amount of cash and valuables...

Traditional Key vs InVue IR3 Key

13 Jan 2021

The IR3 Key is part of the InVue’s IR Ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that provides retailers the security, merchandising, and analytics ne...

Quick Guide to EAS Technology by Amersec: Acousto-Magnetic (AM)

11 Jan 2021

Providing greater flexibility in installation, EAS Acousto-Magnetic technology has wider detection range compare to other EAS systems. It is highly su...